Anonymous: Who is Hayley?

Hailey Baldwin is friends with Telana and Stella. She lives in NY

still looking for a co-owner
Anonymous: Kylie recently posted a Keek basically imitating Stella's gestures and facial expressions and titled it Ynobe. Does it have anything to do with Stella at all? And was Kylie making fun of her?

Kylie was making fun of her. Stella and Shamari made fun of Kylie last year because she raises her eyebrows in every instagram pic. Both parts are guilty.

Anonymous: Can you please insert that picture of all the MSFTS on that couch and Jaden is laying on Kylie's lap? :)

The one where they were with Stas and Madison Beer etc?

Anonymous: ANSWER TTTHISSSSS PLEASE! Do you think Jaden is still a virgin? Or did he lost his virginity with Stell or Ky?

Stella wrote a poem about losing her ”innocence” aka virginity. It was rumored that she lost it to Jaden because he was her first ‘real’ boyfriend.

Anonymous: has jaeden ever dated zendaya?

No, he hit her up via Instagram last year. She didn’t really give him the time of day

witchbaebee: wait who gave Pia louboutins? do u have a pic of them?

Kylie gave them to her for her bday.

Anonymous: Are stella and jaden still friends? And is stella a msft?

stella is not a msft

Anonymous: are you kidding me? do you literally dedicate your entire life to a bunch of overprivileged kids who basically dont give a fuck about you? like reaallyyyy?? the funniest of this whole shit is that some of them are not even talented or famous anymore. for example, moises WAS on hannah montana a several years ago, WHO THE FUCkkkk IS MATEO and those weird and ugly girls?? brogan jordyn and wtf i mean literally get a life

i myself am an ‘overprivileged’ kid who happens to actually know them.. don’t be pressed 

Anonymous: What is the deal with Bella Hadid? Is she a msft?